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Soirée Française is the refresher course for the lecture series entitled "Have Your Midlife Crisis in Paris"® Bring your workbook and trade in your old pages for important updates added since you attended the class. Meet other Paris lovers and compare notes on the latest and greatest travel tips. Bring your vacation photos!

If you study French and want to practice, we'll have native speakers on hand for a chat en français. We'll discuss the latest hotel and restaurant recommendations in Paris as well as the latest topic ... the new airline restrictions! Whether you're a seasoned traveler or just dreaming of your first trip to Paris, you'll make friends and have access to special inside contacts that will make your vacation a memorable experience.

Each Soirée Française includes materials designed to enhance your knowledge of Paris and help you prepare your trip.

Learning the Paris metro system

We hope you'll be able to join us for a fun, informative evening. Janet and her team of Paris experts will be at your disposal throughout the evening to answer questions and address concerns about Paris and France. Paris is ever-magical and ever-changing; we're constantly adding new information and exploring new opportunities!

Attendance is limited and by reservation only. Visa/MC accepted. Casual dress.

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Guest lecturer, Jane Morgan delights participants with her rendition of La Vie En Rose

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